My Platform


"You don't need to be sexually attracted to everyone in order for them to exist in that space. Nor should your attraction to them impact your ability to be nice to them. We need to build a safe and inclusive community.

An inclusive community is one that accepts all LGBTQ+ individuals and maintains clear anti-harassment policies. Below are a few resources that I would love to see more commonplace in our community. "

Joe "Chicago Rubber" & MIR25

Update your Club name & Logo

In 2020 the "Chicago Rubberman" rebranded to the "Chicago Rubber Club" to be more inclusive of our members of various gender identities (who expressed that they didn't feel welcome at our events.

The response was overwhelmingly positive--and even led the New York City Rubber Club to implement their new name!

I led the effort to update our logo and digital presence for the Chicago Rubber Club, and I'd love to help your club do the same. Reach out if you want to talk through the initial steps, or need help updating your graphics. Contact me

Anti-harassment Policies

Our spaces and clubs need to protect all of our members from harassment.

Melbourne Rubber & Preston (MIRubberXX) have put together the gold standard of anti-harassment policies which you can view here. also need to protect members from harassment. Preston (MIRubberXX) andhave put together a fantastic anti-harassment policy (which you can read here).

Preston has also put together amazing resources (such as a spend guide) which you can view on Preston's website.